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Statement from Linda Beigel Schulman On Parkland Jury’s Sentence

It has been 1,703 days since my son, Scott J. Beigel, was murdered in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. The jury, by recommending life without parole, has given a choice that my own son did not have. This in no way provides solace or comfort. Not only is it a disappointment but an insult to those who lost their lives in this shooting but an insult to the family members and survivors. I’m incredibly disappointed in the jury’s decision. We are all disappointed. My son was murdered, along with 16 other people, and this animal will have life. I hope he spends the rest of his life in fear, just the way he gave that fear to our loved ones the day he murdered them. He should live in that fear and be afraid every second of the rest of his life. If this was not the perfect death penalty case, then why do we have the death penalty at all. We’re going to make sure that the AR-15 and those assault weapons that killed our loved ones are taken off the streets, and that’s what we’re going to continue to do. We’re going to continue to fight.

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Statements from Linda Beigel Schulman & Michael Schulman on parkland judge’s sentence & victim impact statements.

It has been 1,723 days since he murdered my son, along with 16 other innocent students. My son, Scott, was the
geography teacher and cross-country coach at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. In spite of the murderer’s desire
to kill as many students as possible, Scott, realizing that the mass murderer was in the school and on a killing rampage,
he did what he had to save the lives of as many students as he possibly could. Scott managed to save 31 students before
the murderer killed him.

I’ve had 15 days to ponder the jury’s verdict and I’ve realized that the death penalty was way too easy. I learned that here
in Florida, the average death penalty case takes 18 years from sentencing to execution. That means that I would probably
be dead before the murderer was executed. I will go forward knowing that the murderer is going to a maximum-security
prison, with other murderers, much tougher than he is. A prison where he will spend the rest of his miserable life, having
to look over his shoulder, worried about every single minute of the day, and scared out of his mind, fearful that someone is
going to take him out.

I have one last request for the media, and this is definitely something that I would really like to have you take to heart. All
of the media, not just the media who are here today, all of the media. Do not give this animal the notoriety he craves. Out
of respect for the 17 families whose loved ones were murdered by this animal, an animal that continues to show no
remorse. Please do not use his name in your reporting ever again. Please refer to him as who he is, the confessed,
convicted, Parkland mass murderer. Thank you.





On February 13th, I was home with the flu and my son Scott called to see how I was doing. I said not so well. He said
don’t worry I’ll speak to you tomorrow, that never happened. The system failed us. Not the prosecution. Not the court.
people voted that the murderer’s crime was heinous, calculated, premeditated, and cold blooded. That’s enough for me.
They recognize that type of person, I take that back, the type of animal that the murderer is. To call him a person demeans
everyone else here. These 17 families and all the victims of your heinous crime will survive. We will go on, we will make
the best of our lives, and we will deal with the daily grief, pain, and anger we feel every day. I have to learn to live with the
pain the murderer caused my family. He’s the worst animal. Contrary to the defense, the murderer is not a human being.
He is the lowest form of pond scum, and I apologize to pond scum for equating him to them. The murderer is a spineless,
soulless monster. My son, Scott was a human being, he still is. Something the murderer will never be and never was.
day was long coming. I didn’t know how I would feel right now. I don’t feel any better because the murderer is still
breathing. The day he stops breathing, I will feel better, thank you.

Statements from Linda Beigel Schulman & Michael Schulman on parkland judge’s sentence & victim impact statements.2022-11-23T13:19:06-04:00

RUN 4 BEIGEL October 2022 Release


Bi-Annual 5K Run Fundraiser Benefiting the Scott J Beigel Memorial Fund, a nonprofit which sends at-risk underserved kids touched by gun violence to summer sleep-away camp and honors the life and legacy of beloved Parkland Teacher & Coach

Technology for Families In Need (TechFIN) donates 30 computers to Fund-sponsored Summer Camps

Long Island, NY – Honoring the memory of slain Parkland teacher Scott J. Beigel was a family affair on Long Island. The Scott J Beigel Memorial Fund hosted their a bi-annual event, the second event of year, this past Saturday, October 22nd at Heckscher State Park with more than 600 participants. This year’s event marked what would have been Scott’s 40th Birthday.

The Fall 2022 RUN 4 BEIGEL 5k walk/run and 1k fun-walk/run are held to celebrate the life and legacy of Scott J. Beigel, beloved teacher, cross country coach, and summer camp counselor who was murdered on February 14, 2018 at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. The event raises funds for the Scott J. Beigel Memorial Fund, whose mission and purpose are to help send at-risk underserved kids touched by gun violence to summer sleep-away camp. Linda Beigel Schulman, Scott’s mother who started the Memorial Fund with her husband Michael Schulman, commemorated the event and celebrated Scott’s 40th birthday.

Scott J Beigel Memorial Fund Run 4 Beigel October 2022 Press Release v3


Elected officials joined the opening ceremonies included NY State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, State senator Anna Kaplan, State Senator Kevin Thomas, State Senator John Brooks, Assemblyman Steve Stern, Assemblyman Chuck Lavine, Suffolk County Legislator and Minority Leader Jason Richburg, Nassau County Legislator Arnie Drucker, Huntington Town Councilwoman Joan Cergol, Plainview Water Commissioner Amanda Field.

Scott J Beigel Memorial Fund Run 4 Beigel October 2022 Press Release v3 2


The event included fun for all ages including face painting, caricature artist, balloon animals, sticker art, a BBQ and Mr. Softee for dessert. This year, the RUN 4 BEIGEL was sponsored by Northwell Health, The Eaton Family, Long Island Teachers, RXR, Orange Theory Fitness, Slam Marketing Media, New York Wealth Management Raymond James, Tech F.I.N., Scott’s Grandma Shirley, NYSUT, The Knowledge Project, Strong Island Running Club, Redefine Meal Prep, The New York Mets, Liberty Coke-Cola Beverages, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Law Offices of Avrum J. Rosen, The Haggard Law Firm, Jason Glick and John Greene, The Long Island Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, Cohen Family, Mercury, Pacific Link, Feel Alive Therapy, Big Belly BBQ, EmbroidMe, Mt. Sinai Congressional Church, SignalBase, McBride Consulting, Signarama, Vincent
Lopez, Mister Softee, The Inn at New Hyde Park and Building and Construction Trade Council of Nassau and Suffolk.

Linda Beigel Schulman was joined by Nigel Frankson, CEO of Technology For Families In Need (Tech F.I.N.) who announced a donation of 30 computers to fill new computer rooms at four sponsored camps: Camp Hi Rock (Massachusetts), Camp Junior (Bronx), Camp Herlich (Putnam County), and Camp Fiver (Poolville, NY). Linda Beigel Schulman said: “These events are always such a joy to attend and run or walk with attendees. Scott loved running, coaching young runners, and equally spent every summer at summer sleep-away camps. We combine all that he loved and come together to honor his legacy while raising money to send more at-risk underserved kids touched by gun violence to summer sleep-away camps to keep them out of gangs and away from gun violence.”

About: The Scott J. Beigel Memorial Fund keeps Scott’s legacy of giving back to kids alive and growing. Through fundraising efforts, event participants, sponsors and private donors, The Fund sends at-risk children to summer sleep-away camp year after year, increasing the number of supported children annually. In 2022, the Memorial Fund gifted $283,600 in grants to six sleep-away camps, funding camperships for 212 youth.

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Statement from Linda Beigel Schulman on the Texas School Shooting

May 25, 2022:
What we are doing is not working. This is not just today’s news, this is THE news, the only news that matters. 19 children and two adults are dead. Dead. This is horrific. This is not fair. And this must stop. This is not how we’re supposed to live our lives. Our children have the right to go to school, to be safe. Parents should not have to worry about the safety of their children at school. We were not meant to live our lives this way. We have gotten this all wrong. I cannot be kind about this anymore, it’s past time for thoughts and prayers. For everyone that’s sorry, stand up and do something. Do something.

Statement from Linda Beigel Schulman on the Texas School Shooting2022-11-23T13:23:02-04:00

Media Statement – President Joe Biden

February 3, 2022 (New York City) – President Joe Biden was joined by US Attorney General Merrick Garland, Governor Kathy Hochul, NY Attorney General Tish James, Mayor Eric Adams, and members of the Congressional delegation in a press conference addressing gun violence. Linda Beigel Schulman, the mother of slain Parkland coach/teacher Scott J. Beigel made a statement:

I join and echo remarks made today by President Joe Biden, Mayor Eric Adams, and Governor Kathy
Hochul on addressing gun violence in our communities. I worked tirelessly to help pass the Scott J.
Beigel Unfinished Receiver Act here in NY which established the crimes of criminal sale of an
unfinished frame or receiver in the first and second degrees as class D and E felonies, respectively.
Signed by Governor Hochul on October 28, 2021, this is the first step to ensuring that illegal ghost guns
don’t make their way into communities. My hope is that President Biden and Congress will follow our
lead to reduce unnecessary gun violence in every community across the nation.


About The Scott Beigel Memorial Fund: The summer of 2018 would have been Scott’s 29th consecutive summer at camp. Teaching, mentoring, guiding and helping children of all ages flourish became Scott’s mission in life. Scott J. Beigel was a teacher. A cross-country coach. A counselor. A friend. He died a hero for his actions at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, where he taught geography and coached cross-country. For 28 summers camp was Scott’s home away from home. The Memorial Fund honors the legacy of Scott, a brave teacher and friend who died a hero during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shootings in Parkland, FL. His legacy is carried on by his family who started the SBMF to fulfil the mission of sending disadvantaged at-risk children touched by gun violence to summer sleepaway camp.

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